Thursday, May 28, 2009

While i'm at it

Lemme just drop dis new Asher Roth video on u real quick
Be By Myself ft. Cee-Lo
DOPENESS right here:

Roth Boys Video

I might be hella late on actually seeing the video
But I been hearin about it 4 a while
Finally got a chance 2 check it out...
NOTHING short of a classic!

Loso's Way, On the WAY!

Fabolous dropped 2 new videos recently, Not sure it was 2dai or sumtime dis week
But... I'm really feelin em mehn! One with The Dream caleld Throw it in the bag
& the other with up & coming artist Jerimih called It's my time. Anyway, Here they are:
& in case u aint realize... FAB IS BACK!!!!

Lu-PAY or Looop or Sir. FIasco LOL

Uhmm... Yeah I'm sure we all know already that my favorite rapper is Lupe Fiasco
IDC wat no1 says or believes, I just think he is THEE BEST (not a typo) & no one can compare
But yeah, There's a few trax that some people haven't had the opportunity and blessing
of being exposed to, OLD & RECENT material. But yeah... Here is some of it:

This last track is LEAKED, Like recorded on the SK leaked (& Yeah I know SK's dun record)
But the track is RIDICULOUS!
& the track is gonna be on We Are Lasers, LUPE'S next LP.

Lupe Fiasco: Fav Rapper/Greatest Performer

Lupe Fiasco is my favorite rapper of all time
& the energy he brings when he performs is just ridiculous
This video is him performing 'Daydream' with Jill Scott on the Dave Letterman Show
a little while back. Anyway, he kinda reminds me of LL when he performs but yeah
Lemme stop waffling on & on, here it is:

Had 2 show u the LIVE show performanc etoo
Same song diff venue:

Monday, May 25, 2009


When I was BROKE, bummin & in the gutta
Yah niggas was stuntin & fruntin
Truth be told, soon as niggas seen da Benz's & BUFF whips
Dats wen I started havin fans that I could fuck with
LIES LIE LIES, Dats all I really hear from da frontaz
My clothin line aint shyt compared 2 work i'm touchin
In London Town, seeing Daps & pounds like no other
Clowns, I dun fuck with they Lingo, it's like a foreign language
Summer 2009, We gonna see sum fuckin action!
Spark me up, cuz IMMA BLAZE like Just
My gov. means God shows me wealth
So how could I not shine & able to dine sippin on fine wine
All i'm sayin is impedicus to all who neva gave or shat
& my cardio thrives for those who's unconscious dwelled in my presence
Much LOVE & respect to all who perfected the BLEMISH

Scooby DOO lookin BOY!

In case u weren't aware, Vick was released last Wednesday May 20th
He's still gonna be on house arrest for like 2 months, but... ehh
Wat i really want to talk about is all the haters & ppl on his JIMMY
as well as the MEDIA beefin my man
Niggas be gettin DWI's all the time, they get a day in jail or so
O.K. v{The Break Down}v
Drunk drivin can claim human lives, which are the most precious things on earth
Mike Vick was havin dog fights, harming and or causing the deaths of dogs
DOGS are domesticated animals anyway.
They are meant to actually be food, just like any other animal, NOT pets
Uhm, u ain't see da 12 disciples in biblical times with Pit bulls & Rottweilers?
NO! They was eatin any animal they could catch back then
People still eat cows, goats, chicken, & everything else
& u dun wanna know the process they go through b4 u get them these days {UGH}
So why was people really on his ass for makin dem fight?
He is no more guilty than farmers rearin and selling animals for food
cuz u dun wanna see the harm done to them on a daily!
I feel the whole case was just blown WAY outta proportion cuz
he's a Young Successful Black MAN who made sumthin of his life
& they took the 1st opportunity they could find to fuck up his life.
Anyway... Lemme just stop venting & end off by wishin all the best of Mike Vick
God Bless & hope he is able to come back to the NFL & DISMANTLE the league!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mr. Hamilton

I know if ur readin dis u've already seen the video
But uhm...
My son got decked
But leme not be a sell out
Imma give u my view on the situation
Son did mommy dirty! I woulda pieced him too if I was her
He's real though, cuz If I was in his shoes,
soon as that camera got off me, I woulda pieced her ass back! LOL
But regardless of the situation, Imma styll be bumpin My Brain is Alive
& for that matter, and other albums or mixtapes he ever puts out
& for all who aint see the video...
Here it is:

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This Is Africa (T.I.A)

This shirt is inspiried by K'Naan one of the BEST artist out lyrically
Son is a BEAST!
& I luve dat song!

Music Playlist at


Monday, May 11, 2009

PEE-WEE -Sup?!-

PEE-WEE {Herman} is the M A N
Just wanted to give a shout out 2 my shun
Shun deff needs to make another movie!
IDGAF was no1 say, my shun is COMEDY!
Peep da clip: CLASSIC!

Francis is GAY!
No HOMO, but much love 2 my man PEE-WEE
I'm deff coppin the Dunks too!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Me or What?!

Sunny Rox is nearly IMMACULATE, damn near perfect life.

Simply Fola is reality, my life knows no boundaries to STRIFE.

Tell me, DUAL Life or not?

-Folahanmi Dare

Me & Jinmi Hatin London... On video LOL