Sunday, July 12, 2009

Razah goes in on Drake!

I honestly respect his opinion, cuz he just let it out & kept it 100%
I honestly do not see wat all the hype is about neither
Don't get me wrong, Drake makes alright music
But he's NOT better than Cudi, Wale, B.o.B, Asher Roth, Charles Hamilton or Wale
Those newer artists make authentic music with their own flows and feels
Listen to Drake's last mixtape... Is it NOT Weezy from A-Z?!
I don't think Lil Wayne, Drake or most Young Money artists are real anyway
But yeah... Let's not dwell on them lames...
But yeah, here's Razah speakin of a few thing including his situation w/ Def Jam
& how things went down that caused him to be out of a deal
Video looses audio around like 4 minutes but... ehh
All of the important points got across more or less, Peep it: