Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rock City - Hip-Hop Props

Rock City doin their thing once agen, with yet anotha tuff track
I honestly dunno whether this is a single off their next album or wat
It has the Lupe Fiasco 'Kick Push' instrumental, but an expensive video like u would see
w/ any single's video.
The question I have is that, don't people usually do that with mix tape tracks
Use other peoples beats but not make videos, or make real cheap ones?!!
Anyway... just peep it:

Fabolous - Everything, Everyday, Everywhere ft. Keri Hilson

GO COPP IT!!! I thik this is Fab's DOPEst LP by FAR, NO LIE!Anyway... Here's the latest video dropepd for the album, Peep it:

Wyclef Freestyle on Thisis50.com

Dope freestyle. I was relle feelin it!
Wyclef is still a monster till this day. & I actually believe he is underrated
My son has ben playin the guitar n rappin years! Now freestylin & playin ut... DAMN!
Anyway... Just peep it: