Sunday, November 15, 2009

G⊕Ld'N RE$↓L↑ENCE™ Music

Not only does the entrepreneurial spirit run throughout the family, but it runs WELL!
The buzzo in Scotland is doin real BIG things!!!
Lemme introduce you to the fam, Young F.A.
FA is only 15 years old and has 10+ tracks and freestyles under his belt on YouTube & various sites
I won't speak too much on his many talents, but there are two embedded videos below for you to judge for yourself as well as a link to the Bebo music page.
Let the music speak for itself!
(In order to activate the link, click this picture below)

FA-Dream(Sampled from LMFAO)

FA-Freestyle ft. GMC

"Life is GOLDN, But it lacks RESILIENCE" -Folahanmi Dare

Photographs of the week

Can't really be bothered to talk about each specific pic, cuz I'm HEKA busy with Photography work ATM, Just thought it be nice to give all viewers sum FRESH... THANX 4 VIEWING MY PHOTOGRAPHS & MUCH LOVE TO ALL!

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