Monday, February 16, 2009

A word from 'Simply Fola'.

Just the C*E*O (Simply Fola) droppin by 2 let everyone who vists this page know that this is strictly for the people! The clothing line is made for those who do not attain to the 'NORM'. I do it for Rebels & 'Cool Kids' who set the standards and new trends in which people would not necessarily ROQ if otherwise. G⊕Ld'N RE$↓L↑ENCE aims to BOOST and INCREASE the awareness of this 'Fasion Epidemic' caused by HYPEBEASTS! G⊕Ld'N RE$↓L↑ENCE Clothing just let's you be your self, SHooT for the MOON while being HELLA JIGG! The image is Prestige, Cool, 'NORM-less' & just All round SHARP!