Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Lil Duval T.I.: Road 2 Redemption (Spoof)

Lil Duval is comedy. Jut OD's on sum fat white Asher Roth lookin dude
Anyway it's funy... Peep it:

& here's a nother short video of Lil Duval actin a fool n wat not
Peep it:

B.o.B - Put Me On (Reebok Classic Remix '09)

I swear to GOD, B.o.B NEVER ceases to AMAZE me on any piece he works on!
He is truely a GENIUS! Bobby Ray is DOPE
& if u dunno about Bobby Ray vs B.o.B, You need to get up on it!!!
So... Support the movement & peep the video: