Monday, August 31, 2009

R.I.P. DJ A.M.

The music industry and I will all miss the prolific and articulate mixes, projects and creations that DJ A.M. took apart in over the course of his career. AM was such a great artista as well as a person, and friend. Just about a year ago after the VMA's AM & Blink 82 drummer Travis Barker survived a fatal plane crash wish left four dead and them being the only survivors. It's crazy to see that after they cheated death that foggy September night, it was able to creep up and snacth AM in his lonely NY apartment. A lot of people don't know who DJ A.M. is so I just wanna take time out to show my respect & pay homage by posting a few videos showing his work along with his 600+ sneaker collection, in order to inform you and pass on his legacy for you to share with others.

Lil Flip - Deep in the South

They do actually ahve decent music & lyricist down there
Here's Flip's new joint. He makes sum good points in it... Peep it:

Young Chris, Freeway & Beanie Sigel - Last Two

Let's GET IT MEHN!!!!!!
State Property is still ALIVE & kickin!

Fizz & Boog - Bounce

Folahanmi Dare Look behind me at the TV screen, what do I see?! B...2...K ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!

Clint Muldoon
Clint Muldoon
are they back together
Sat at 15:44 · Delete
Folahanmi Dare
Folahanmi Dare
No chance of that happenin till they are all broke
& like 40 years old
Sat at 15:53 · Delete
Clint Muldoon
Clint Muldoon
lol i heard they all wana get back together exept omarion
Sat at 15:55 · Delete
Folahanmi Dare
Folahanmi Dare
Then it would really be too GAY
Sat at 15:56 · Delete
Clint Muldoon
Clint Muldoon
im just waiting for the day when jodeci get back together
Sat at 15:59 · Delete
Folahanmi Dare
Sat at 16:01 · Delete

I come on WSHH today, what do I see... ROTFLMFAO!!