Friday, September 18, 2009

Ruff Ryders - Who's Real Remix

I've posted about the return of the Ruff Ryders & It's been a LONG time coming!!!
Anyway... I'm not gonna talk yah head off! Peep It:

Master Shortie - Bringin It Back

Deffinately feelin Master Shortie's new video
Been waitin for this one to drop for about a month or two now...
I actually saw the video seconds after he dropped it on his website
But i forgot to blog about it, OOPS!
Anyway... The whole video is just DOPE... Unlike any other video I've ever seen
Master Shortie NEVER ceases to amaze me in his videos mehn!
Anyway... Reppin the UK bradas, Peep it:

Bow Wow - Shine (Studio Performance)

Ehhh, well I was just browsing through WSHH like I usually do wen I'm bored...
& I found something that interested me...
Anyway... Bow Wow did his thing on dis one
I been feelin his recent work & I've always seen his potential as a Hip-Hop artist
Ehh... Let's see where he can take it... he's still young, so... Peep it: