Friday, July 03, 2009

Eminem - Beautiful

My favourite song on the album. Wonderful video, cuz u know how Em does it
This actual post does not have the best quality but... Peep it:

The Game killin 50 & G-Unit Beef

I actually adire what The Game did here, callin the truce and killin the beef
It was only right after the death of MJ
& I swear to God, I saw this coming since that day
Hopefully they acn get back on the same boat and make sum HECKA good music!
Peep it:

Fabolous - A Toast To The Good Life

Loso, with a 3rd video within four weeks from Loso's Way, das wassup!
I'm really feelin da track and the video itself on this one though.
The whole setup is crazy and the video is full of suspense in a mere 2:34
LOL Anyway... Peep it:

Drake - Best I Ever Had

Video wasn't bad. It just wasn't for this song. & it did not go together at all.
I can now understand why Audrey Grahm was an actor and not the Music Coordinator on Degrassi
But yeah... You make your own decision: