Monday, November 23, 2009

Reality To Paper 1

Well being that this is my first post within this series, I would like to explain what it is going to be about. Ok, first of all, if you know me for me, you will know that I have a very creative and innovative side in which I leak through many forms of art including music, poetry, spoken word, drawing, or even designing. These things are the only way in which I use in order to stay sane enough to live an ordinary life (OR so it seems). ANYWAY... within these posts I will be using one of these arts to express my feelings and thoughts at that point in time. So, without further a do...

The name is Folahanmi Dare & this is my rebirth
New growth, new year, new status, call me earth
Y.B.N. YES, I'm a Boss in this nation
No stress, no lies, cuz I aint Rick Ross'n this occasion
Never been a phony hommie, always kept it genuine
Ask all my HOMMIE hommies, Blood is where your life begins
The fam keeps me nullified, like a COKE head or sum
Lames should really DUMB it down cuz I surpass a Dime A dozen
Skool flow is what it be at the moment
Cuz a dude gotta get at least C's at the moment
I aim for the TOP, so a C will not define me
Feels like TECH's are right behind me
Do I strive for the best knowing that I'm gonna make it
Or never B.S. myself, cuz I know I can not fake it
Father my love for this life I live, NEVER
I pray my ambitions, journeys and dreams will never be about the Cheddar
God Bless & Imma shape up & shift out
& let the soundtrack in my background just drift out...

"There will be... Ups & Downs Smiles & frowns... Share with me... The fairy tales I make believe" -Snoop Dogg