Monday, March 08, 2010

Asian Persuasion

CEO Exclusive shirt

Just figured you guys might want to see some things I've designed being that I haven't really been showing too much on here lately. Hope you like it... MORE TO COME


Hello everyone! Just coming thru to drop some informationg reguarding G⊕Ld'N RE$↓L↑ENCE™ clothing and upcoming dates. The clothing release date will be pushed back to March 21st due to an order not falling through on time. Now don't be discouraged or mad about it, is just preperation time and perfection is a process in which can not be rushed. The shirts will be available on the G⊕Ld'N RE$↓L↑ENCE™ shop whos URL I will release 4-7 days before the official launch date. Shirts will also be available for purchase by collection for local customers (Bromley/Orpington). I am pleased to let all customers know that these shirts will NOT BE EXTREMELY HIGH PRICED due to the fact that I respect every customer and the value of money as well. The shirts will be £20 in the UK and when launched in the U.S. $25. Everyone tell your friends, because this order is expected to go fast and the next one will not be until about Mid-May.

Thank You VERY MUCH!
Stay G⊕Ld'N!
Folahanmi Dare